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Bad, Bella

Let's face it, our lives have changed, and I believe that life, as we know it won't be the same until a vaccine for Covid-19, is available. I have a feeling we're going to be in our homes longer than we expected. But the good thing about staying home is that if you've ever considered adopting a dog or adding a puppy to your family, now's the time. And if you're planning to do just that, the book Bad, Bella by Ali Standish is a great story to prepare your young readers (8-12-year-old).

All Bella wants is a family to love her, and sometimes popcorn with extra butter. Trying her best to please her growing family, Bella makes a list of mistakes that, to her, are good things. The last straw is when Bella, eating the popcorn and chocolate off the Christmas tree, causes the tree to crash down. The overwhelmed family can't handle one more distraction and sends Bella to the pound. Bella makes friends at the pound but heartbreak sets in when she realizes that she's unwanted.

All that changes when the Roses adopt her. Life is beautiful--full of ice-cream, walks in the park, and attention. But Bella fears that history will repeat itself when Mrs. Rose's belly begins to grow. Do they love her? Or will Bella be torn away again from another family?

After reading Bad, Bella, the first person who came to my mind, was Mrs. Gurska, a Kindergarten teacher. She LOVES dogs, and I knew she'd read it to her kids.

"We loved it. We read a chapter a day after lunch and couldn't wait to see what would happen next. The kids listened so well even though there weren't any pictures!!!!" -Mrs. Gurska.

Everyone knows that five and six-year-old kids have a short attention span. The fact that they were so engrossed in the story is quite impressive.

Not sold on getting a dog, but your kids are begging for one? Below is a link to the best dog books, in which I couldn't agree more. And if you can't get a dog, at least you can read about them, which makes it almost as real. One author included on the list, Nancy Coffelt, I've worked with as a writing mentor and she's awesome. Be sure to check her book, Fred Stays With Me.

Here, Boy! 29 of the Best Dog Books for Kids

Happy reading!


Ruby and me.

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