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Sam the Man & the Chicken Plan

Meet Sam. He's the comical, seven-year-old in the new Sam the Man series by Frances O'Roark Dowell. All he wants to do is make money. But he's too young to work jobs like his older sister Annabelle--mowing the lawn for twenty bucks a pop. But he knows a few things about chickens and decides to look after Mrs. Kerner's chickens for a few dollars. He discovers that some chickens lay blue eggs. Blue eggs? People would buy blue eggs. Right?

Borrowing from his dad, he buys a blue-egg laying chicken, but he'll need to find a way to pay his dad back. Reluctantly, Sam works for Judy, cajoling her dad, old Mr. Stockfish, to get up from his lazy chair and go for walks. Ugh!

When will Helga lay her blue eggs? It seems to be taking forever.

Finally, blue eggs! Sam becomes rich and doesn't need to walk with Mr. Stockfish anymore. But perhaps walking with Mr. Stockfish wasn't so bad after all. Now what? Time for a new plan.

Reading this story, I found myself giggling out loud. It's perfect for kids grades K-2 (or adults young at heart). Sam is a delightful character who will make even the most serious of kids chuckle. And the stories keep going as a five-book series, which will entice your child to continue his/her eventful journey alongside Sam and his many plans.

If you want this book, support our local book store and click the image.

Is your child a dog-lover? If yes, make sure to check out my next post. As I'm sitting here writing, my big golden retriever sits at my feet. #DogLove #BookLove

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