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Meet Rosie, Iggy, and Ada! (STEM Books 5,6,7& 8)

Rosie Revere, Iggy Peck, and Ada Twist are three characters on the STEM picture book scene, instilling the wonder of exploration and problem solving in kids nationwide. Written by Andrea Beaty, these books have great hooks and vintage illustrations. Not only do they tap into your child's STEM potential but they're fun to read, too!

Ages 5-7

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Rosie is a shy, naturally born engineer who makes things like a hot dog dispenser and helium pants. When her zookeeper uncle laughs at the snake repellent hat she invented for him, she becomes embarrassed and hides her engineering dream. But her great-great-aunt Rose (based on the WWII Rosie Riveter), sparks up Rosie's confidence by focusing on the right perspective--trial and error is a good thing. Soon, all the second grade kids at Blue River Creek are engineering and celebrating each perfect failure. After I read this to second grade students, we followed up with basic Little Bits circuit trial and error activities. With each successful circuit connection, they cheered. And when they failed, I heard them say things like, "Well that didn't work. Let's try it this way." The kids loved it.

Ages 5-7

Iggy Peck, Architect

Published in 2007, this book was ahead of its time. Young Iggy is an architect and has been since he was two. He went from building a tower of diapers to churches and chapels from peaches and apples. But his dream of becoming an architect is thwarted when his batophobia suffering (fear of tall buildings) second grade teacher, Miss Greer doesn't allow building in her classroom. All that changes when a footbridge collapses during a class outing. While Miss Greer is passed out from shock, the kids collaborate and build a new bridge. When she wakes up, Miss Greer realizes the importance of building and incorporates weekly architecture lessons in her classroom. After I read this story, the kids were thrilled to construct a three-level structure with Legos.

Ages 5-7

Ada Twist, Scientist

Although Ada doesn't speak until she's three (Einstein didn't talk until he was four), when she does begin to talk, it's like an erupting volcano of questions. Her curiosity about the world gets her into trouble yet her family nourishes her science passion and provides Ada with a little scientific freedom. I don't have this book available in the library, but it's on my "to purchase" list.

Ages 6-9

Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters

In this clever, new chapter book series, the three STEM geniuses, Rosie, Iggy, and Ada, collaborate with Aunt Rosie and her WWII airplane building comrades for a fun-filled adventure. While striving to invent something new, the gals laugh, dance, and sing together through all their calculated attempts. A balance of scientific and scene illustrations provides opportunities for kids to read diagrams (study skills) while deepening comprehension. Teaching the importance of friendship, problem-solving, and resilience, this series is sure to be as popular as its picture book counter parts.

There you have it. Four more STEM books that will stimulate and entertain your child's imagination. Thanks for reading my blog! Be sure to check out the last two STEM related book posts next month.

Happy Reading!


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