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What Do You Do with an Idea? & The Most Magnificent Thing (STEM books 3&4)

If you like teaching lessons in fable form, What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobi Yamada is the book for you. This is a story that both young and old can relate to. Facing the struggles we have with our ideas, including the fear of rejection, this book shares a common theme. A young boy has an idea and endures the stages of emotions we all go through when we dare to dream big. Most of us stop somewhere between constantly thinking about our idea and actually saying it out loud. But not this brave boy. His idea comes to fruition and changes the world. Inspiring!

With words like tinker, hammer, measures and twists, tweaks, fastens, The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires invites young readers to embrace creativity. A girl has an idea to make something magnificent. She knows exactly what she wants but when it doesn't turn out how she imagined, she gives up. It's not until her best friend (her pet dog) convinces her to take a walk which results in a renewed energy to keep trying. Finally, after hard work and perseverance, she gets it just right. This is a great book that teaches us to never give up.

Both books not only celebrate STEM but teach character as well. The stories lead the way to recognizing the importance of an idea and the mental strength and courage it takes to make it come alive. These books are a Win-Win for every dreamer in your home.

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