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New Series for Competitive Boys

I'm always trying to find good books for my nine year-old. He's an athletic kid with a healthy, competitive spirit. He doesn't care about being the star. His heart is all about the team, rooting for every teammate no matter the performance or outcome. I love that about him, but I also want him to be a reader. When it comes to finding books about competitive kids in sports, characters he can relate to, it can be tough. My son read this and couldn't wait to get his hands on the second one. This series is definitely a WIN.

Hot off the press, this series is about a fourth grade boy, Zayd Saleem, who dreams of being the first Pakistani-American to make it to the NBA. And he doesn't just want to play, he wants to be a star player. But he faces two adversaries. One, he's only on the Developmental team (he's on the scrawny side) and two, his parents aren't supportive of his dream. They'd rather him practice his violin than shoot hoops. As tryouts for the Gold team approaches, Zayd will need to find the courage to fight for his dream.

Power Forward by Hena Khan, is a great series that will inspire any kid with big dreams. No matter what dream your third or fourth grader holds in his heart, he will relate with Zayd and cheer him on. This story about friendship, inner strength, and perseverance is sure to keep your athlete reading. And since basketball season is right around the corner, it's perfect timing.

Below is a link to the preview.

Power Forward preview

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