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Stellar Book for Stanley Cup Dreamers

Combining the grace of figure skating, the toughness of boxing, and the hand-eye coordination of baseball, no sport demands more from its participants than ice hockey.

The book by Sports Illustrated Kids, Hockey Then to Wow!, is a combination of visually stimulating photos and illustrations with compelling facts that will keep your young reader turning pages. It compares the world of hockey dated back to the 1920's to recent years--from uniform sweaters and goalie pads to player size stature, fan fashion, and playoff beards. If your young reader would rather spend hours on the ice rink than ten minutes reading, this book will ignite the reading flame. If you're blessed with a kid who loves sports and reading, this book is a definite score. Prefer baseball or football? You're in luck! Also from Sports Illustrated Kids, are Baseball Then to Wow! and Football Then to Wow! All three journeys take you inside the exciting evolution of how and when the sport started to its rise in popularity. Any one of these books will satisfy the most passionate fans and is definitely worth adding to your home library. Your future Super Bowl, World Series, or Stanley Cup star will thank you for it.

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