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Series. Series. Series. Please!

Kids love a good series. If they find one they like, they devour every book, and that means more reading. If your young reader is looking for a new chapter book series, I have a few recommendations (some old, some new), that might grab their attention.

My favorite new series is The Heartwood Hotel by Kallie George. It's a warm and winning tale that will keep your little, eager reader entertained. The book has humorous characters and the charming illustrations, by Stephanie Graegin, are warm and cozy.

Mona, an orphaned mouse, gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon a lovely hotel for the forest creatures. It's everything you'd imagine in hospitality. What The Plaza is to NYC, the Heartwood Hotel is to Fernwood Forest. Mona gets a maid job and wishes to make the hotel her permanent home. Mona's mentor, a bossy squirrel named Tilly, makes Mona's life uncomfortable, constantly reminding her that her stay is temporary. But Tilly can't thwart Mona's heart from shining through. Mona ends up saving the hotel while discovering her parents' connection to it all.

There are several other series that fly off the shelves week after week. Below are the most popular.

Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park-interest level is mostly for ages 5-9 and reading level, ages 6-9. This is a funny series but read it beforehand. The language might turn you off.

Magic Tree House by Mary Osborne Pope-interest level is mostly for ages 6-10 and reading level for ages 8-10. In addition, this series pairs fiction with nonfiction in the series, Fact Trackers. Kids get the best of both worlds here.

I Survived by Lauren Tarshis-interest level is mostly for ages 7-10 and reading level for ages 8-10. Because the setting is different for each book, the characters are different, too. And you get a feel for what is was like to be a kid during these significant events in history. I LOVE these books!

Kylie Jean by Marci Peschke-interest and reading level is for ages 6-9.

If your child likes mysteries, The Mysteries of Maisie Hitchins by Holly Webb, is another new series (ten books in all). Interest level is 7-9 and reading level ages 8-10.

As you can see, there is a wide range of reading levels. It might be difficult to know what book is right for your child's reading ability. You can use the five-finger rule. It's simple. Turn to a random page in the book. Have your child read a paragraph. Count each misread word. If you use all five fingers before the paragraph ends, the reading level is too high. Of course this isn't an exact science. You know your child well enough to determine if it's too difficult. As far as too easy goes, I don't believe in taking a book away because it's too easy. If it's a book they enjoy, let them read it. Of course we need to challenge our kids, but not to the extent that it will deter them from reading. Always, always provide a variety of books and give them the choice. There's nothing worse than micromanaging your child's reading interests.

I hope this blog has shed some light on series books and that you'll find one, or two, just right for your growing reader.

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