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Home in the Rain

We all know the saying; you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but really? The cover is the first thing we see and triggers the decision process-do I turn it over and read the summary or put it down and move on? In other words, the cover is what grabs us...or doesn't. I admit, when I first saw this book, I cringed. I'm not a fan of rain or traveling 70 mph beside rig trucks on the highway. The cover gave me a physical reaction but being the book lover I am, I read it and was pleasantly surprised. Home in the Rain, by Bob Graham is November Book of the Month.

You know those small moments in life you'll never forget? They are momentous to you in your world, yet unnoticed by others around you. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. Like the very moment you thought of a way to solve a problem or stumbled onto a unique perspective to a situation that gave you peace of mind. Home in the Rain, with its eloquent words and soft illustrations, is a book that depicts that kind of moment in the most creative way for our kids. It's lovely.

Little Francie and her mom are traveling home from grandma's house. The rain hits the highway, bucketing down on them. A truck rocks their car and washes them up to the picnic area near farmyards. Then the story shifts to a calming focus on the animals' reaction to the heavy rain. As Francie and mom picnic inside the car, Francie brainstorms names for her unborn baby sister. Mom doesn't fret because she knows there's a name somewhere out there that will fit baby sister just right. They return to the rain soaked road.

Eventually, the rain subsides, and they stop at a gas station. As mom fills the tank, the happenings of the surrounding folks are revealed. Just regular people who are living their life not noticing what was about to happen. Perhaps it was something unremarkable, not to be seen by strangers passing in the rain. For it was just a mom lost in thought and a small girl dancing. In that moment, while mom is thinking, the perfect name transpires. Mom calls dancing Francie over and shares the unborn baby's name-Grace.

Bob Graham heightens a brief moment in time into an enduring story. A great addition to your home library, this tender tale imprints a message on the heart; sometimes the storms in life can bring timeless inspiration.

Click above image to view the story. You can buy this book at Leanna's Books & More.

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