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The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt

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If you are looking for something fun and engaging for your child, you have to get this book! The author who wrote The Day the Crayons Quit,

Drew Daywalt, expresses his creative version of how the classic game of Paper, Rock, Scissors originated. We finally understand how something so simple, played by millions of kids, began and why it will never end.

All three divided characters are discontent with the fact that they can't find anyone who is strong enough, smart enough, or fast enough to defeat them. They venture to places seeking the perfect fight. But no contender can win. Until one day, in the great cavern of Two-Car Garage, they come face to face in the ultimate battle with each other.

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors is hysterical for many reasons. One, the words are awesome and a blast to read. Two, each character is uniquely portrayed through dialogue that will make your belly hurt with laughter. And three, the illustrations glue it all together making the book come to life. After I read it, the kids believe that Rock, Paper, and Scissors are real "people" who they've known forever.

Check out the photos below and you'll see what I'm talking about. I LOVE this book because it's super fun acting out the distinct voices and the kids' reactions are priceless! And it teaches them how to safely battle to settle disputes. It's a win-win for all who read it.

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