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About The Blogger

Shelley Cummings is the literacy center reading specialist at the Artman

Elementary Library in the Hermitage School District in Pennsylvania.

An educator, she has served as a classroom teacher, reading specialist,

literacy coach, and adjunct professor at a number of educational institutions. She has a B.S. in elementary and early childhood education from Clarion University and a Master's in reading education from Westminster College in Pennsylvania.

Shelley loves books! She loves words and illustrations! She loves sharing stories that can open doors to new perspectives. She loves watching kids grow into recreational readers. She loves teaching kids how to read closely and grasp at depths of knowledge. As a mother of three children under the age of 16, she knows how busy families are. She strives to be a guide for parents by consistently seeking the best books for families. Her desire is to help parents create a culture of love for reading in their homes.



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